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Giving your child the best start to their education is one of the most commendable things you can do as a parent. Are you only focused on preschool programs or do you want to enroll your child in pre-K classes first?

Either way, choosing a centre that provides an excellent environment for preschool learning is crucial. Parents registering their children at a school for the very first time face the challenge of making a decision.

Before you begin listing down options, know that every child is different. Stages of development and types of intelligence vary greatly. What works for your neighbours’ kids might not be the ideal fit for your child’s specific needs.


A preschool’s method of teaching should be in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). In the EYLF, a holistic approach is applied to early childhood education. This integrates several aspects of learning—mental, physical, social and emotional.

A well-rounded kindergarten curriculum equips kids for primary school, where education is more structured. Therefore, the approach taken plays a significant role in your child’s critical formative years.

In Sydney, there are many different preschool teaching philosophies in practice. Whatever the approach, the goal is to provide child-centred and play-based learning opportunities. Each preschool will implement their own programs and activities. Evaluate all of them fully to better understand what suits your child best.


Aside from math and science for preschoolers, the school must place an emphasis on interaction with the environment, students and teachers. As such, play-based strategies for learning should be employed.

Opt for a preschool with impressive child care facilities such as slides, obstacle courses and other structures you can expect in an outdoor playground. Look for multiple recreational areas that encourage children to sing, dance and create art as well.

When children are free to play, they are able to make sense of the world and how objects operate. Playtime also encourages them to hone their social skills. A good social foundation will carry them through the relationships they make in formal schooling and in the real world when they grow up.


The Berry Patch Prschool & Daycare Logo“Should I go for a preschool near me?” That is one of the questions that is sure to pop up when going through options for your preschooler. Some parents base their selection purely on geography. They feel that naturally, the school closest to home is the right one.

Would you prefer that the school also has daycare offerings? How much of a factor is the provision of healthy school lunches at the centre? If these criteria are important to you, choose a trusted name in early childhood education such as The Berry Patch. Contact any of our offices for more info.