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Early Childhood Centre Rockdale

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Fun through learning and interaction awaits kids at The Berry Patch Early Childhood Centre in Rockdale. Three playgrounds can be found in the outdoor areas. Baby Berries and Raspberries each have their own separate playground downstairs while Blueberries and Strawberries share a large space upstairs.

The Rockdale early childhood centre outdoor environments are very natural and earthy, with real plants, trees and gardens. They also exhibit different textures—soft fall, artificial grass, timber decking, pebble pathing and beautiful sandstone sandpits. Vibrant and spacious, they provide kids with lots of different areas to explore. Children are free to play outside all year round, thanks to the waterproof shade sails.

All outdoor areas in Rockdale have age-appropriate climbing structures and grass mounds as well as foot paths for children who want to ride their bikes. Other fixtures include slippery dips, obstacle courses, stepping stones, dry creek beds, wooden bridges, cubby houses, boat structures and timber deck stages. We also have a speaker system that plays music so youngsters can move and groove as they play.

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Observations of the children are taken by teachers to plan experiences that are developmentally appropriate for the children. Aside from giving them the tools to learn new things, our early childhood centre lesson plans also provide them opportunities to enhance their existing skills.

Many experiences result from children’s current interests, thoughts, ideas and questions. These often develop into projects in the classroom. Planning for the children is also achieved through information received from parents relating to their child’s interests, needs and abilities.

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The Berry Patch Early Childhood Centre Rockdale is owned by Helen Jacobs and Melinda Brown, two University trained Early Childhood professionals. Both owners have extensive Early Childhood teaching experience. In addition to Early Childhood, one of our owners also holds the qualification as a Registered Nurse. Rest assured your children are under the care and supervision of all the team at The Berry Patch.

Looking to give your young girls and boys a bright start in life? Enrol them at our Rockdale early childhood centre. Give us a call on 9896 2662 to find out more about our preschool learning and child minding services. Alternatively, use the contact form on our website if you have any questions.